What separates your telescoping flagpole from traditional flagpoles?

Our telescoping flagpole is able to raise and lower the flag without any ropes, pulleys, or "push buttons", through an interlocking sleeve mechanism. The flagpole is also removable from its permanent ground sleeve, making it easy to take the flagpole with you wherever you go. Also, with our 360 degree swivel harnesses, flag wrap is greatly reduced .

Do I need to take my flagpole down under heavy wind?

No, our telescoping flagpole features an industry leading 95mph wind rating for our 20ft and 25ft flagpoles, and a 75mph wind rating for our 15ft pole. Our flagpoles are designed to remain flying the flag under all typical weather conditions. During severe weather, the flagpole can be easily lowered to remove your flags to extend their useful life.

Can I fly my flagpole at half-staff?

Yes, the flagpole features a double flag harness system that allows for a quick change to half-staff. Simply connect the flag to the bottom harness and erect the flagpole to its maximum height.

How is the flagpole installed?

Installation is very simple and user-friendly instructions are included in every flagpole box. Simply dig a 14" wide by 28" deep hole in the desired location. Fill the bottom of the hole with 4" of gravel or pea rock. Insert the installation sleeve, and fill the hole with ready-mix concrete to bring it level with the surrounding ground (typically about 3 bags). Once the concrete has started to set up, you can insert the flagpole in the installation sleeve, and apply a level around the pole to ensure that the installation sleeve is straight. Make sure to check and ensure a safe location for digging is established prior to installation.

Does my flagpole need a light at night?

Proper flag etiquette encourages that the flag should be illuminated at night. We offer high-quality solar lights that simply attach to the top of the flagpole ensuring that the flag is kept lit throughout the night.

What prevents my flagpole from being stolen?

Flagpole theft is quite rare, but to deter theft of your pole we offer an installation sleeve clamp that fastens around your installation sleeve and reduces the chance of theft.